Breastfeeding Boost

01 Aug Breastfeeding Boost

Are you pregnant and considering breastfeeding? If so, you may want to add a baby carrier to your registry list. Recent research shows a link between using a baby carrier and breastfeeding success.

The study followed 200 Italian mothers and their healthy term babies. One hundred of them were provided baby carriers. Of those mothers, about two-thirds (69%) reported using the carrier for at least an hour a day during the first month after their baby was born. The other third did not use it at all. Mothers who used the baby carriers reported breastfeeding their babies significantly more than those who were in the control group (no carrier provided) at 2 months (72% vs. 51%). Twice as many of the baby carrier-using mothers were still breastfeeding at 5 months compared to the control group (48% vs. 24%)!

Why might baby carriers have this positive benefit? It may be because breastfeeding is not always easy to pull off, given the stresses and strains of the modern world. Helping mothers and babies bond early in such a physical way may give moms a better sense of their babies’ rhythms and cues. Or being so close to mom may help soothe and calm the baby, making for an easier time during the latching on and getting-to-know-you phase. Bottom Line: If you are looking for ways to bolster your breastfeeding efforts, consider using a baby carrier: You’ll free your hands for those never-ending household chores. You’ll find your baby’s precious face just a glance away. And, according to this research, you’ll be more likely to have a successful and longer run at breastfeeding your child.

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