Impatient Grandparents

04 Sep Impatient Grandparents

Six in 10 grandparents say they play a “very important” role in the lives of their grandchildren. Unfortunately, the pre-grandparent generation is having to wait a little longer to have that experience. The median age at childbirth for couples has been rising. This means that grandmas and grandpas to-be may have to wait until they’re 70, instead of perhaps their early 60s, to reach grand-parenthood.

Reportedly, the grandparent-hopefuls of today are no more patient than the hopefuls of an earlier era. And some grandparent-hopefuls hear a ticking clock—not the ticking of your reproductive clock, but the ticking of their own mortality. Understandably, they want as much time with a grandchild as possible.  That may mean pressure on you to have a baby soon.

Some couples’ first foray into parenthood may be on pause for one reason or another—financial, medical, relational. Other couples may be trying to decide whether to have a child at all, or have decided and are now trying to conceive. For all of you in such a situation, managing grandparent ambitions may be one of your first co-parenting challenges. And this challenge is an opportunity: Can you together face the grandparent ambitions of your parents, and address any of your own disagreements, in a supportive way? Can you become more of a cohesive team—no matter what you decide about having a baby and when?