The Program

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“I can honestly say I feel better prepared to be a great mother and wife.”

-Liz, First Time Mother

How Does It Work?

The Family Foundations program is split into two parts: prenatal and postnatal. The prenatal part provides expecting parents with the opportunity to practice tools and strategies before the baby arrives. The postnatal part helps sharpen and extend these skills as parents put them into practice. There is also a slightly adapted version of the program available for new parents.


The program material is presented in a flexible framework so it can be adapted to fit any unique family situation. And the material is brought to life by real life parenting and relationship experiences of other parents and couples.


The tools used in the Family Foundations program will also help set a solid foundation for families to grow from for more than 20 years. The same tools parents use to help handle infant sleep issues and toddler tantrums can also help parents navigate through homework struggles and missed curfews in future years.

A Comprehensive Approach