23 Jun Background Television and Children

As an expecting or new parent, you may already have given some thought to what your child will be (or already is) watching on television, and how much time he or she will spend in front of the screen. Research shows that violent television breeds...

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09 Jun Honestly!

Honesty is one of the top goals we have for our kids. None of us wants to raise a child who lies, who can’t be trusted. I know that being lied to by one of my children makes me angry more quickly than anything else....

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22 May The Grand Challenge: Getting Baby to Sleep

This is a common topic of discussion—and argument—between many sleep-deprived parents of young children.   Some parents swear by sleep training, where a child learns to go to sleep on his or her own, asserting that it saved their sanity and helped their child to learn...

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Conflict in a family 3

08 May Family Tension Can Impact Child’s Brain

We’ve been saying for years that conflict between parents—if hostile, unresolved, and frequent—is bad for kids.   Now there is biological evidence.   When there has been tension between parents, arguments, and a lack of affection , the child's cerebellum is smaller according to researchers...

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