“We found this course so helpful, I feel like it saved our marriage. Thank you!”

“We feel so lucky to have taken part in the program.

We use a lot of the tools that we learnt and this is having such a positive effect on our family life and our future together.”

“Thank you very much. I really benefited from this program.

It made a lonely and difficult COVID period bearable!

“There have been many times over the last few months that we have said

Thank God for Family Foundations.

We truly don’t think we would have survived without the support and strategies FF has taught us.

But now we are thriving and so excited about our family life together.”

“While a lot of the content we covered seemed to be things I know about, I wouldn’t have put them in practice if it wasn’t for this course.

I really appreciated that we could take the time as a couple to reflect on our relationship and celebrate the parts we value and excel in,

but recognise the areas we know need improvement.”

“Even though my partner and I had a wonderful relationship to begin with, we have enjoyed going through the program since it encourages us to think about ourselves as parents. We have already begun to find some of the conflict resolution skills useful as well.”

“I found the program very thought provoking. It’s been very interesting to see how much my partner’s responses differ or are similar to mine. It’s also good to know that struggling through worries over childrearing is common and that everyone has different approaches that can be improved through communication and patience.”

“I am enjoying the Steps… They are really giving us a good opportunity to sit down, open-up, and talk about stuff that would have otherwise not been discussed. I think this is a great opportunity for us before our baby comes. Also helped us look at each of our childhoods and helped to figure out why we do certain things now, the way we do!”

“I especially liked the exercise where you talk about your partner being a parent, and really appreciated hearing his responses about me. I also thought the exercise about responsibilities around the house and with baby care was very helpful. Those were super beneficial and relieved a lot of my anxiety about parenting together. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of our relationship. I feel more confident about my partner being a good dad as a result of our conversations and exercises from the program.”

“We have really enjoyed it! It has been our little ‘thing’ we do together at night after we put our son to bed. We really look forward to it! We loved hearing from real couples and their experiences. We both felt like the program addressed specific questions that we both had….it was like you read our minds! Thank you again for this opportunity and I see using the program in the future if anything comes up.”

“I found the exercises to be extremely helpful in understanding how my partner’s opinions may differ from my own, and how we can resolve our differences to find a happy medium. It is good to see that so many other couples are working to maintain a healthy relationship while balancing a new baby, and that this is something that we as a couple can achieve through love, patience and hard work.”

“I think the program’s concept is great and a lot of the materials are very helpful. The exercises encouraged us to talk to one another and the homework keeps the discussion going. It brought up differences in parenting styles that we have and our expectations for our son’s future. We were able to resolve everything after talking though, so it was okay by the end of the program. I think it has been very helpful and has helped us realize a lot of the stress we’ve experienced is normal.”

“It’s really helpful to see how different couples handle different situations… and how my husband and I react. That teaches me a lot about how he thinks, and what I should do or not do in handling conflict.”

“Even though my partner and I had a wonderful relationship to begin with, we have enjoyed going through these videos since they encourage us to think about ourselves as parents. We have already begun to find some of the conflict resolution skills useful as well.”

“Our relationship has changed and gotten better. We are managing a lot of demands and challenges including being a blended family, ADHD, and Autism. We are cooperating more without arguing. We don’t fight as much as we used to, we talk more.”

“I found the exercises and homework to be really helpful. They definitely aided in opening up communication on certain issues that we probably would’ve avoided, or that could’ve brought some tension to the relationship. I particularly liked how we were forced to listen to the partner without interruption and discuss how the topics made us feel.”

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