About Us


“As a Family Foundations instructor and long-time childbirth and parenting educator, I endorse the solid, effective, and evidence-based techniques used in Family Foundations. There is ample time in the classes for the couples to practice the techniques, build upon them at home, and get feedback from the instructors. By presenting this material to the couples while pregnant, they have time to become comfortable with them prior to giving birth — and then become better communicators, partners, and parents.”

– Brigid Grode, RNC, CPCE, CD (DONA)


Family Foundations is a program proven to help couples maintain strong family bonds, reduce stress and raise healthy, well-adjusted children. It was developed and researched by Mark Feinberg, Ph.D. during his time as a clinical psychologist, family therapist and prevention scientist at Penn State University. Many colleagues, professionals and families also contributed to the development and testing of Family Foundations and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provided funding for the research that tested the program’s benefits.

Core Values


Family Foundations develops educational and support materials for families with a commitment to making sure they work. This is what sets our program apart from other products and services for new families: we are committed to an evidence-based approach.

We rely on research studies to indicate whether or not our programs are actually beneficial. Just as we want to know the medicine doctors are prescribing have been tested and found effective, we also think health-promoting programs should be supported by rigorous research.


Some education and support programs that have been widely distributed were actually later found to be harmful to children or families. Because we have conducted research on Family Foundations before offering it to the public, you can be sure that the program does not cause harm. And because our results have been published in high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific journals, you can be confident that the program products the benefits we describe.


Our philosophy in developing materials is that you are the expert on what works best for you and your family. We provide enough flexibility within the materials and exercises so you can bring your wisdom and values to the experience and develop a path that works for your family. We provide tools and information based on research with families and children, but it is up to you to adapt these tools for your own family’s needs and values.

A Family-Friendly Approach