A Proven Approach for Happier, Healthier Families and Babies

Family Foundations helps pregnant couples and new parents prepare for the physical and emotional challenges of parenthood by building a strong team approach to positive parenting. Several NIH-funded studies have demonstrated the long-term benefits for both parents and children. Start your family’s journey to a lower stress, happier future by enrolling in the online program now.

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Watch how Family Foundations will benefit you and your child.

“There have been many times over the last few months that we have said ‘Thank god for Family Foundations.’

We truly don’t think we would have survived without the support and strategies FF has taught us.

But now we feel we are thriving and so excited about our family life together!

-First time mom

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The Benefits for Parents and Children

According to several NIH-funded research studies:

Healthy Babies
Healthier Births

Family Foundations babies experience fewer birth problems like premature birth or low birth weight, and have shorter hospital stays.

Happier Parents
Happier Parents

Family Foundations couples are less stressed after their child is born – new moms and dads also report less anxiety and postpartum depression

Easier Infant Care

Family Foundations infants have fewer night wakings, are more easily soothed, are better able to soothe themselves, and show a longer attention span

Well Adjusted
Well Adjusted Children

Family Foundations children get along with their peers better and show fewer emotional problems. Teachers report they are more engaged in school and show more persistence in schoolwork

Warmer Parenting
Warmer, Patient Parenting

Family Foundations parents are more affectionate and patient with their children – and report less over-reactive, harsh, and physically punitive parenting

Closer Couple Relations

Family Foundations couples are better at working as a team – and they report more affection and support with each other

Parenting Is Tough,

The Numbers Prove It.

“This is the brutal reality about children – they’re such powerful stressors that small perforations in relationships can turn into deep fault lines.”

– New York Times Magazine

“Even though my partner and I had a wonderful relationship to begin with, we have enjoyed going through these videos since they encourage us to think about ourselves as parents. We have already begun to find some of the conflict resolution skills useful as well.”
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